#8- Thoughts Post Taiwan


Back in Singapore and my second solo trip ended last night. Its been an amazing trip full of firsts. First time trying 檳榔,first time visiting and navigating random offshore islands on my own, driving an electric scooter, crashing a motorbike while trying to drive it for the first time, taking day trips with random strangers who are now my friends, etc. I’ve definitely found out so much more about myself and even reaffirming certain traits, such as how poor my sense of direction and balance are. Despite these,  it has still been amazing finding out so much more about myself. Revisiting old spots just made me realize how far I’ve come from my past, and the need to keep moving forward without looking backwards. Thank you so much Taiwan, I learnt alot the last few days!

Meeting new people and learning more about others makes me appreciate the little things in life so much more. Take for example Jili and his owner, featured above, the bond shared by them is something that I found really precious, and made me think about my lack of time spent with Camry as I have been traveling quite abit the last few months. Perhaps, it is a stark reminder that I should remain in town next week so as to spend more time with my family, friends, and my precious Camry.


3 thoughts on “#8- Thoughts Post Taiwan

  1. Sounds like a really interesting trip. I love getting to know new people. It’s very special to not only experience a new country, but also to get in touch with the people and the culture 🙂


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