#24 – Violence is NOT a means to an end

Today I woke up to another wave of attacks across different entertainment spots in Paris. It seems to have become a norm, for people to use violence as a means to impose what they believe in, onto civilians who are deemed to be on the other side by their standards. It is also unimaginable for one to believe that by inflicting massive damage and destruction onto others, they can achieve what their version of the world means.
How is it that people can believe that they can achieve what they want by taking away the lives of innocent people? How is it that people can believe that they have the right to take away the lives of other people? Which “religion” would ever propagate that? There is just no reason for all this craziness. This has got to STOP.
Even if they feel offended by what others have done, does it give them the right to be offensive about being offended? This world needs to learn respect. Violence does not gain you any respect, at all. There is no reason, absolutely no justifiable cause for anyone to kill others. You do not prove anything at all, apart from the fact that you do not deserve any respect. We have had so many lessons across history from wars, revolutions, uprisings, and it appears mankind is actually moving backwards in terms of civilisation, as we increasingly revert to using violence to resolve any difference. Does the show of power really get you what you want?
I look forward to the day where mankind truly learns from history, and stop mindless acts like these ones. Maybe, we just never learn from history.
My deepest condolences to those who have lost their lives amidst this mindless and crazy series of attacks. #prayforparis

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