#35 – Thoughts from a Weekend Hike

Climbing/Hiking is truly a humbling activity. You realise how helpless you are in face of nature and how you have no control Over the elements. Letting go of your ego and the competitiveness within you, that is the point where u reconnected with yourself. The intellectual banter that goes on in your mind just brings you so many insights as to how you can live your life as a better person.

There are things you should be grateful for, every single day you wake up. Even the most simple of gratifications makes you a better person. Learning not to take anything, anyone or any situation for granted, is a lesson that one should not forget.

Fear is there, always there. But you choose how you want to deal with it. Whether to give up, or keep pushing through it, it’s entirely up to you. You realise a lot of times, you are the greatest inhibitor. Fear comes from within, like happiness, is something that you have an option of viewing it from a different perspective.

You cannot control the environment, but you have absolute control over what you feel and what you want to do about it. Sometimes in life, you are better off on your own, and there are times where having people to help you does you so much good.

Learning to deal with and face the insecurities within yourself is the first step to finding that version of yourself where your heart, mind and soul are aligned. The answers are all within, and you just need to look inward for these answers. This is in fact, very challenging because we usually try to hide them as they represent weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The first step to dealing with them is awareness of the insecurities that are deep within. To start looking within, connecting with yourself is a really important step.

Random rambling on a Saturday morning before I head off to Bali to hike mount Agung in a couple more days.


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