#17- Defining Yourself

“The more you know, the more you don’t know.”

The above encapsulates everything that I feel right now. After the 3 months of traveling, I thought I had a much better understanding of myself, and would be more than ready to face the world again. However, whilst traveling, I think I have changed so much that I am struggling to understand myself again. Certain things that I used to enjoy have become a burden to me.

Comparing myself to how I was before, I definitely love who I am now so much more, and I feel increasingly at ease with my identity. However, I have a problem trying to understand the way I analysed and behaved before the “enlightenment”. There are certain elements of me which I find ridiculous right now, and on hind sight, I cannot believe that I thought that was normal. Who was that person that I used to be?

To me, the process of finding yourself includes defining your identity, what you believe in, and what you care about. I guess I am still in the process of coming to terms with this new person residing inside of me, and I hope to enrich my life experiences so that I never forget to live everyday with counting my blessings.

Maybe life is never about finding an answer about who you are, because experiences will shape your worldview, which would in turn alter your understanding of yourself again. I am still struggling to come to terms with who that person was before, and one thing I am sure of is, I am never going back to that person. We can only work towards becoming better versions of ourselves, and growing stronger with each challenge that life throws at you. And that, is my goal for the year, not bowing to the challenges that life leaves me with.

Keep moving,for life will not stop surprising you!