My reflections on traveling

DSC_0589_3Traveling has always been a source of nourishment for my soul. Each time I feel like I’ve lost my direction in life, I travel, and I find new possibilities. When I am unhappy with any part of my life, I travel, and I find happiness. When I am satisfied with my life, I travel, and then realize that there is so much more out there in this world. Each time I get my heart broken, it is that independence with traveling that empowers me so much that makes it whole again.

Through traveling, I have met amazing people, be it that random person next to me on the plane, or a random person at the cafe, every encounter lets me reconnect deeper with who I really am. They say happiness comes from within, and learning to be grateful brings me so much happiness.

To those whom I’ve met during my travels and made that difference to my life, thank you, and I hope I have made that difference to you as well. Looking forward to finding more peace and happiness within my heart in my future adventures!

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