#4- Some thoughts

In the last 6 months, events in my life have led me to start pondering deeper, and trying harder to connect with my own identity. I wouldn’t say I have found myself even though I have endeavoured to do some “soul searching” through my recent trips, but I do think the journey of self-discovery is something well worth reflecting on.

Getting this blog/portfolio site started, connecting with my own body through practising Yoga, spending more time with Camry and my family, traveling more, reconnecting with friends across the region,all of these would not be possible if not for the events the last few months.


Honestly, I still have not found the answers to the questions I have been asking myself. Especially with respect to what I am doing with my life. Point is, how many people know what they are doing with their lives? Maybe I will never find that answer, maybe I will, but for now, I am thankful to have found that sense of gratification towards the people around me, the little things around me, and most importantly, being able to appreciate who I am more so than ever. ~~ Ululatetravels

One thought on “#4- Some thoughts

  1. This entry really resonates with me, Eva. After a twelve year old relationship/marriage and struggling for a year to cope, I decided to take a break and travel. The idea was to find my identity as a person and not as part of being with someone else. Also, a little ambitiously, trying to figure out if my life was headed in a way that I wanted to go, instead of just drifting. I have definitely not achieved those goals, but yet, like you said, I find myself at least on my way to finding those answers.
    Another way the travels have helped, and I am sure every traveler will agree, is seeing yourself in a broader perspective. Having met so many people on my way, after talking to them and listening to their stories, I now know that my life is good. I am so lucky to be able to do what I am doing, while people worry about things I never had to worry about. It’s made me realize how important it is to focus on today, the journey and take appreciate the small things, even when I am not sure of my destination.
    Anyway, good luck to you and I am sure you find what you are looking for. In the meantime, enjoy the journey! 🙂
    PS: the comment started out to be couple of short sentences … I guess it turned out to be a tad longer 🙂


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