#5- Carpe Diem

As my sabbatical continues, the biggest realisation is that people around me (myself included), always forget to live in the moment. We get so hung up over the tomorrow-s, or the next week-s, or even the past, (I am very guilty of doing that!) hindering our ability to truly live and breathe the moment we are in.

How do you ensure that you still live in the here and now, and not lose yourself as you introduce new elements, be it new people, spouse, pets, jobs, etc into your life? I am fearful, because I know that once I start introducing new elements into my current situation in probably a month’s time, I might start losing sight of what is important to me, or what I determine as important since I am free of such commitments now.

It is not unusual for people to get so caught up with the grind or memories from the past, and then end up forgetting the now and the present. Like me, sometimes I get so caught up on capturing that “perfect” shot, and I forget to enjoy what is before my eyes. I am behind my lenses way too much than I should. Other times, I get so obsessed with should-haves, could-haves or would-haves, and lose sight of what is before me, or what I already have. Doubtful Sound- NZ-1

The yesterday, tomorrow and the today are equally important, and they are all there for a reason, but I think for now, I’d like to believe that I can focus on the now, and maintain that delicate balance between the three!

So, start to “Carpe Diem” (Enjoy the moment) and enjoy your life in present tense!

That being said, I am really looking forward to my “soul-searching” solo trip to Taiwan next week. ~~ Ululatetravels

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