#27-What happiness really means

Sometimes having absolutely no expectations works in amazing ways. I love the element of surprise, and because I have no expectations, I end up being pleasantly surprised. Letting go of all judgments allows us to see people or events before for what it really is. That is really the most amazing feeling,ever.

Just got back from the festivities from the Union of two really amazing people, who have made huge differences to me; and I have to say, it feels really amazing to see people around you basked in joy. It makes me really happy to see those around me happy.

Happiness is not an end state, it is a state that you choose to be in, there and then. Life is filled with constant ups and downs, and that constant moving between the emotional states actually account for the true meaning behind what life is. Learning to enjoy and appreciate these changes is an art that I’m still trying to grasp. I won’t say I like sadness, but I believe that the downs are there to remind you not to take things for granted, and that life is full of uncertainty.

Being the usually inquisitive me, I start questioning what happiness entails. Is it making that extra money? Or finding that special person? Or is it simply sharing the happiness with those around me? It seems that nobody has a definite answer, but for now, I choose to remain comfortably lost, sharing in the joy of those around me, and genuinely being happy because those around me are happy.


#19- Happiness Comes From Within


“Happiness comes from within.”

This is something I’ve tried to “religiously” remind myself of since the beginning of this year. I’ve had plenty of down moments this year, but these are definitely decreasing as I try to fill myself with more positivity each day. Today, I was drowning in nostalgia, and was feeling pretty damn terrible as I allowed myself to dwell in self-pity.

What saved me was a text message from a really good friend in the states. He told me that this photo is now the newest piece to their household in the form of a canvas print.

After seeing this photo, his father commented, “It’s something I’ve seen for over 30 years and took for granted. For someone who’s from outside the US to come here and caption that photo as the American Dream makes you appreciate more and realize it is all about perception.”

I never thought that my photos would make that much of a difference to someone. I was really happy. This sense of happiness came from within, from genuinely being happy that my photos got people thinking deeper. At this moment, all that negativity I had been feeling today dissipated. The happiness that I am feeling comes from me, and nobody can take this away from me.

And yes, it is all about perspective. Do I want to keep myself happy with positive thoughts, or to dwell in self-pity and negative thoughts? I think, the choice is clear. Funny how a simple change in perspective brings about so much more happiness.

That being said, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all!