#27-What happiness really means

Sometimes having absolutely no expectations works in amazing ways. I love the element of surprise, and because I have no expectations, I end up being pleasantly surprised. Letting go of all judgments allows us to see people or events before for what it really is. That is really the most amazing feeling,ever.

Just got back from the festivities from the Union of two really amazing people, who have made huge differences to me; and I have to say, it feels really amazing to see people around you basked in joy. It makes me really happy to see those around me happy.

Happiness is not an end state, it is a state that you choose to be in, there and then. Life is filled with constant ups and downs, and that constant moving between the emotional states actually account for the true meaning behind what life is. Learning to enjoy and appreciate these changes is an art that I’m still trying to grasp. I won’t say I like sadness, but I believe that the downs are there to remind you not to take things for granted, and that life is full of uncertainty.

Being the usually inquisitive me, I start questioning what happiness entails. Is it making that extra money? Or finding that special person? Or is it simply sharing the happiness with those around me? It seems that nobody has a definite answer, but for now, I choose to remain comfortably lost, sharing in the joy of those around me, and genuinely being happy because those around me are happy.


#10- Taking things for granted


I met this uncle whilst visiting one of the villages in Myanmar. The village had just started to have electricity just 2 months ago, and I could see that they were still trying adjust to the new lifestyle, with firewood placed everywhere around the village. This village had no locks, doors, but with the introduction of electricity, the wealthier families were beginning to build their own wells, so as to have a stake on clean water before everyone else. Seems that as society progresses, the notion of selflessness begins to diminish, and personal gains become prioritised.

Civilisation definitely drives the change in humanity, but I am not too sure if this is a good thing, as I look at how our houses these days have to be locked up, and so many measures have to put in place to ensure that others do not take advantage of another.

On another note, visiting the village was a humbling experience, as it got me thinking about how I should be grateful about the availability of electricity, clean water, which we very often take for granted. The flick of a switch, and the convenience of modern life drives one to take many things for granted. There is just so much in life to be grateful for.