#36: On to 2018!

2017, you’ve been… interesting, filled with numerous ups and downs, but the experiences and opportunities I’ve had made me grow exponentially both at a professional and personal level.

I’ve had to experience death on two occasions this year, and these serve to remind me of the inevitability aspects of life. You really never know what could or might happen, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to live life to the fullest. Got that city you haven’t visited? Go! Got that person you haven’t met in ages? Pick up the phone and reach out.

This year, I’ve traveled to new places, and had “adventures” which made me realise that there are just too many things that you cant control in life. Learning to let go and accept things for what it is would be the best thing you can do for yourself. That is also the only way that you can grow.

My favourite trip of 2017, was my trip to Eastern Europe. Really missing the me time and those introspective conversations I had with myself when I went hiking. Learning more about different people, and how they are made up by their history was definitely a very fascinating moment.

The world is too beautiful. Being obsessed with what you don’t like or hate about life would only hinder your full ability to appreciate the things around you. This is one thing I am definitely going to work on for 2018! Looking forward to 2018 and the surprises that will be coming!



#21- What “Closure” really means


More often than not, the door is shut on you without you really getting an answer from what you “think” you need to move on to find closure. It could be a relationship, friendship, or family.

Sometimes we spend all our time thinking of finding that closure, but that in itself is not moving on. Actually, closure should be about what you think, what you need to think to make yourself feel better. Most of the time, the closure that you are seeking for, is just your excuse to stop yourself from facing the fact that you are refusing to face up to.

It is definitely very tough to face up to facts. But the moment you let go of your ego and face up to those uncomfortable emotions, your road to recovery begins. Feel what you need to feel, no one has the right to judge you. Recovery is not linear, and you will find that you seem to be on a roller coaster all the time, but that’s alright, because if it makes you feel better, who cares? It may seem impossible, but full recovery is definitely possible, and you will find a new love which makes you so happy, and that is self-love. Happiness is within reach, you just got to take that first step!


#15- Moving on and letting go


Had a discussion with a friend about moving on and letting go. In life, things rarely go exactly the way we want it to be.

Some words of wisdom from a really good friend that put things into perspective for me. People come into our lives for a reason, and every single person that you have met in your life was there for a reason. After you have been taught that lesson that you are supposed to learn, they leave, and you go on your separate paths. When that lesson is for a lifetime; they stay. The key is to focus on your path, rather than what could have been, might have been, because life is too short to focus on the negatives.

Also, what I realized is that it is not entirely bad when things don’t go your way; it is a stark reminder that you have taken things for granted. It might mean you have a chance to do something about it, or it might not. Either way, you learn a lesson about life.

With this said, I think I have finally found the door to continue my path on. I am going to take it, and make the best out of it.

Be kind to yourself, and live the life that you deserve, without the shackles of the past.


Uploaded more photos from my Myanmar trip !

#14- Change is the only constant


Looking back on everything that has happened in 2015, my greatest realisation is that change is the only constant. Heard of this statement before? Because it is so true!

People, feelings, circumstances, plans, jobs, partners, friends etc, everything in life is subjected to change. Nothing remains static. Personally,  I think the main reason why people feel pain when they end a relationship or when they lose something in their lives, is basically because of their inability to accept abrupt change, and the sense of attachment which they have with whatever they are losing. It is definitely easier said than done, and dealing with constant changes is a really stressful process.

One of my girlfriends just got out of a long term relationship recently, and conversations about life with her always get me reflecting about some of the changes I’ve had to go through this year.

When someone we love decides to leave us, the first thought that occurs is usually, “I cannot live without this person”. That, in essence, is resisting change. In life, there is no one person who is indispensable, and the moment you start accepting that change is a constant, the time taken to heal shortens by so much, because it means you are placing the focus back on yourself. More often than not, when we fall in love, we lose sight of who we are, and you find your identity becoming a collective one. When you do not evolve together with your partner in a relationship, then the identity crisis comes along. Eventually, when one party decides to leave, one resists the change, because it would mean that the collective identity that one is so comfortable with gets removed, and it is hard to readapt back to life on your own. The whole process of “moving on” is in essence, accepting the change, and then realigning the focus of your life back to yourself. At least this was the case for me.

How do we keep ourselves unfettered by these changes? The answer is, we cannot.  The only way to go about it is to basically embrace change as a constant. Sounds simple, but it is in fact an uphill task. Humans have a tendency to stay attached to the things they have and letting go actually entails accepting that life will change from now on. Tough, but I think a good thinking to have is to live in the moment, and be grateful for everything that you have. This thought on its own, will put you back on the path of healing, and leave you amazed at how far positivity can take you.

I hope those who are struggling to cope with change will have positivity to guide them to greater happiness!